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Hi, Remember Me?

Now it's time for one of my sporadic updates. YAAAAY! How exciting.

Alriiiight, so what to talk about? Hmmm.

I learned how to drive stick shift today...not that I had a choice. I wasn't too bad at it, actually. We only had one near encounter with the lovely grass on the side of the road when I was trying to U-turn. Actually, that was the first thing I did, so all in all I'd say I improved. The reason why I got to drive stick shift is because my father finally fixed (Ooh, alliteration. *turns to the sky* See, why AP has done to me?!) the Carmen Gia and decided to take the bright orange car for a spin. *sighs* Brings back memories that car does. I've always loved that it had a castle on the steering wheel.

Other than that I've been helping out my band teacher with the 8th graders. All I can say is that Band Camp is going to be an ordeal.  I believe on one occasion we discovered that the entire band was simply dropping their instrument to their sides instead of snapping it to the middle then to their sides. So, Mrs. B enlisted my services as demonstrator. (*feeble 'yay' in the back ground*)

After I finished she turned to the class and said:
"You see that, that could scare small children."
The eight graders just stared at me with a kind of scared look.
"This is what you want to do. We want to scare small children. You guys are wimpy." Now I know you'll read this and gasp, but she was joking and you get used to her mannerisms. (She's actually a really cool lady, unless you get on her bad side. If you do I only have one piece of advice and that is to hide (preferably in another dimension).
Then she finishes with:
"And plus she's a third...?" She looks at me. "Is it third?"
I sigh knowing what's coming.
"Second" I say.
She turns back. "...second degree black belt."
The eight graders faces turn to pure terror. Greeeaaaat.
So from then on whenever I tried to correct them I was faced by doe eyes and stutters of "M-m-me?"
To which I'd have to reply: "Yes, you honey, could you move forward a bit?....Good Job."

Anywho, thanks for not deleting me from your f-list. I've been here, I swear. I just haven't posted...or commented. *hangs head dejectedly*
It has been very hectic lately. (I am the Mistress of excuses... ;) )

You know those moments where the things you type just randomly highlight and then you continue typing (not really paying attention) and it deletes all of your work? That almost just happened but SAVED! *phew* If it weren't for my A-MAZING skills, my work would have surely been deleted. (Oh noes!)


May. 27th, 2009 10:17 am (UTC)
Ha, thanks. It was a little awkward, I'm still not very good at it. I love the Carmen Gia though, so I'll suffer through...more like my parents will. ;)

I dunno, the eighth graders this year seemed pretty jittery. Damn straight I'm BA haha.

*nods* Exactly, everything always comes in sections--at one moment you are so bored you're just wishing something to happen, the next moment you just want everything to stop.