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So, you say it's your birthday...

Well, it's not my birthday...but it is glucose_syrup 's so just a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (In technicolor, with confetti....and a janitor...possibly some ice cream cake.) From me via some one else....'cause I just lack that much creativity.

Hey, at least it's a different video...

Yeah, so I was debating what to do on your birthday.
Should I send a virtual present, or is that a step to far in this relationship? Am I moving to fast? What kind of virtual present says "Hi, I just met you but you're cool"? Should I get the chocolate or is that to valentine-y? What about cake and ice cream? Does she like chocolate-mint ice cream? Haha, just kidding, beside virtual presents aren't really that cool. I mean who wants to be sent a box of chocolates (or other candy if you don't like chocolate....do you like chocolate? Chocolate becomes a very strange word to spell after a while, kind of like fixed. I digress.) if you can't eat  them?! I mean it's just like taunting a person really. Then I had it: something funny. Who doesn't like to laugh, right, right? I thought this was kinda funny, I hope you think so to.

And that is the only reason I logged on today, don't you feel special. ;)


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Apr. 26th, 2011 02:28 pm (UTC)
You are amazing. I wish I hadn't abandoned LJ now! I ended up just using it as a dumping ground for lame poems and totally missed this!!

Umm, this is glucose_syrup by the way, I'm duskandivy now - I have returned - and it's nearly my birthday again, so this has like made my week :)

Be my friend again? LOVE!

Ace xxxx

PS I love mint-chocolate ice cream :)
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