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My old computer broke down with a TON of my German homework on it. That means I have to re-do all of it as I don't have enough time to take it in and have some one get the information off of it. Also, while I am re-doing the work I had on my other computer I am supposed to be doing different work...as a result I am WAY behind. Then my German test malfunctioned (as it always freagin' does) and now I have to re-take a test. 

Yeah, not fun.

This was a couple of days before Bliss Fest, so I was stressin' during the Festival a bit. Well, that and something else was stressin' me too. (I'll rant about that later probably...) Anyways, I tried to ignore those two things and just have some fun. I took some pictures, I'll post them later.

On a lighter note,  I went and volunteered at an Animal Shelter near my house. It was a blast! I've been meaning to for a while but just haven't had a ride to it. While I was there I got to see four animals get adopted...one of the animals adopted happened with a little bit of my help. ;D

Oh, shut-up she was going to get her anyways. I know she'll take good care of her.
It's really great watching them get adopted because they know something different is happening and they just seem to,  I don't know, light up. LIke there was this little girl who had come to pick up this massive black shaggy dog (he looked like a Labrador mix) and he was just so happy. It was like he didn't know what was go
ing to happen but he knew it's be good.

That was exciting! I can't wait to do it again

Hm, what else? Oh, I got a new Camera! It's amazing, I actually used it to take the millions of Bliss Pictures I'll be posting soon. :D
Alright, back to German and Economics...see ya.

*stretches* AAhhh...

So, I have majorly been slacking on my German homework. :/ I need to get on that, much like many other things in my life.

I had a Birthday, it was okay, nothing special really. S' all good.

So, I went to one of the local video stores recently and we had quite a story experience. My mom and I, naturally, decided to rent some videos and the rental fee ended up being around five dollar. My mom only had 50s so she paid with one of them and received her change. I thought for a second that one of the 20s he gave her back looked a little strange, but I dismissed it. Plus, the guy who was giving the change was acting a little strange. He seemed distracted and jumpy. Still, I left the store without saying a word. Later we went to Subway and my Mother found that she had a 50, a 20 and a 5 all in the same group. We weren't sure, but we thought therefore he must have mixed up the change. We go back to the video store and try to notify one of the clerks. She responds in a strange voice that it would be "impossible to tell" if they were missing any money as they all just  take money from eachother's tills. My mom, who had worked as a cashier before (like many people have), thought this was a little strange. We then decided to talk to the shift manager who was the first person to express concern over it. After that we waited around a half an hour for her to count all of the money in every single till. She came back and asked us again how much we got back ($75) and how much we were supposed to get back ($45). It turns out they were missing substantially more than the $30 dollars from us. So, based on the atittudes of the two previous cashiers we think they're skimming and he just accidentally gave us the $50 instead of keeping it himself.

Wonderful, huh?

Also, a few days ago I went camping in the National Wilderness Park. We were lucky enough to get a cabin (which apparently is booked the entire summer. :( I wanted to invite some of my friends for my Birthday part there). It's literally right in the middle of nowhere, there's no plumbing and no electricity, which I realize to some sounds terrible, but it was SO BEAUTIFUL there. Seriously, I wish I had pictures...but I do not. It was so peaceful out there, surrounded by a forest with a little trail out to the beach. *sigh*
Now I have to get back into the routine...ah well it can't last forever...

Iranian Election...

Anyone else keeping up with it? Thoughts anyone?

Oi people

If you have one do ya mind givin' it to me? I mean the address...ya know so I can know what you're doing allll the time.*

* I mean that in a totally noncreepy/stalkerish way. O.o

Hi, Remember Me?

Now it's time for one of my sporadic updates. YAAAAY! How exciting.

Alriiiight, so what to talk about? Hmmm.

I learned how to drive stick shift today...not that I had a choice. I wasn't too bad at it, actually. We only had one near encounter with the lovely grass on the side of the road when I was trying to U-turn. Actually, that was the first thing I did, so all in all I'd say I improved. The reason why I got to drive stick shift is because my father finally fixed (Ooh, alliteration. *turns to the sky* See, why AP has done to me?!) the Carmen Gia and decided to take the bright orange car for a spin. *sighs* Brings back memories that car does. I've always loved that it had a castle on the steering wheel.

Other than that I've been helping out my band teacher with the 8th graders. All I can say is that Band Camp is going to be an ordeal.  I believe on one occasion we discovered that the entire band was simply dropping their instrument to their sides instead of snapping it to the middle then to their sides. So, Mrs. B enlisted my services as demonstrator. (*feeble 'yay' in the back ground*)

After I finished she turned to the class and said:
"You see that, that could scare small children."
The eight graders just stared at me with a kind of scared look.
"This is what you want to do. We want to scare small children. You guys are wimpy." Now I know you'll read this and gasp, but she was joking and you get used to her mannerisms. (She's actually a really cool lady, unless you get on her bad side. If you do I only have one piece of advice and that is to hide (preferably in another dimension).
Then she finishes with:
"And plus she's a third...?" She looks at me. "Is it third?"
I sigh knowing what's coming.
"Second" I say.
She turns back. "...second degree black belt."
The eight graders faces turn to pure terror. Greeeaaaat.
So from then on whenever I tried to correct them I was faced by doe eyes and stutters of "M-m-me?"
To which I'd have to reply: "Yes, you honey, could you move forward a bit?....Good Job."

Anywho, thanks for not deleting me from your f-list. I've been here, I swear. I just haven't posted...or commented. *hangs head dejectedly*
It has been very hectic lately. (I am the Mistress of excuses... ;) )

You know those moments where the things you type just randomly highlight and then you continue typing (not really paying attention) and it deletes all of your work? That almost just happened but SAVED! *phew* If it weren't for my A-MAZING skills, my work would have surely been deleted. (Oh noes!)

The times of my life and all that other stuff I writeCollapse )
       Anyways, I haven't been the best LJ friend lately, I know. I've been kind of bogged down by the nonsense that is my life. Such as that crazy chemistry teacher I told you about in the beginning of the year, who does not deserve that title AT ALL.(Not that I'm angry or anything...) My AP test is freakin' me out quite a bit. Especially because my teacher pulled me aside and told me that I mantained the highest grade for AP for the entire year. So, you know, no pressure or anything.

Jeepers. O.O
Then I have SAT on the 6th, which you know, will be my first time taking it and I haven't had enough time to prepare for because I've been focusing to much on ACT. Grawr, story of my freagin' life right? I mean what you study for is never on the test...
Okay, so maybe that isn't exactly the situation with ACT and SAT but that still happens.
Goodness, I never realized how close college and things were until now. I have to start really researching everything. I wrote an essay for a scholarship today though, it's just a little one but I still think it will help.
Yeah, if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm a bit of an...erm freak when it comes to grades and things. At this point in time I have a 4.0, which is to be broken shortly by Chemistry. >:O Well, I know that GPA isn't everything and it was a college class, but still, I'm angry with that "professor". He treated everything like it was one big review, would not listen to us when we asked for help and was just generally oblivious. Gah, takes deep breath. I will not rant. I will NOT RANT.

Okay, it's all good. It's allll good.

Oh, and before I forget. I have this lovely wipe out injury because of my dog. Let me recount what I remember.

So here I am, running pleasantly with my headphones on. *La, la, la dee da* 

When, out of my peripherals I see a big black blob sprinting towards me. Then everything goes in slow motion.
*Dog running* Galump galump galump--- might I mention she had a totally oblivious smile on her face.
Meanwhile, here I am thinking: Ohh NOOOOO-- *wumpf*
So she hits the front of my legs, and according to physics I should have fallen forward, and I think I did but I'm not sure because somehow I landed on my back sliding into the garden.

Do I have any idea about what happened in between that? Not a clue. All I know is that I am now sporting a lovely gash on my hip that kills when I wear anything I need to wear like y'know.... pants.


So, you say it's your birthday...

Well, it's not my birthday...but it is glucose_syrup 's so just a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (In technicolor, with confetti....and a janitor...possibly some ice cream cake.) From me via some one else....'cause I just lack that much creativity.

Hey, at least it's a different video...

Yeah, so I was debating what to do on your birthday.
Should I send a virtual present, or is that a step to far in this relationship? Am I moving to fast? What kind of virtual present says "Hi, I just met you but you're cool"? Should I get the chocolate or is that to valentine-y? What about cake and ice cream? Does she like chocolate-mint ice cream? Haha, just kidding, beside virtual presents aren't really that cool. I mean who wants to be sent a box of chocolates (or other candy if you don't like chocolate....do you like chocolate? Chocolate becomes a very strange word to spell after a while, kind of like fixed. I digress.) if you can't eat  them?! I mean it's just like taunting a person really. Then I had it: something funny. Who doesn't like to laugh, right, right? I thought this was kinda funny, I hope you think so to.

And that is the only reason I logged on today, don't you feel special. ;)

Do you have 20 extra minutes?

Watch this please. This is possibly one of my favorite TEDtalks, it's amazing. So watch it and tell me what you think?

I found one person who had posted in the comment section of youtube: "um yes.
i like it when ppl thnk they are creative when they make music. music is just sequenced noise. vibrating patterns. every note has been played before, you dont create anything when you make music. you arrange noise that already exists"

By that argument, creativity does not exist! Who is he/she to say that. Some one must have come up with the first musical sequence and we are (true) essentially tweaking it repeatedly but it is almost impossibly not to create something along the way. If some one has already created something, but you did not know they created it and made an exact replica yourself does that drain all creativity? Certainly not, it is still a device of your own mind. (Eh, I'm not a big fan of the word device here). Anyways, I totally disagree with her/his argument because by extension nothing was created (that is to say 'creativness' does not exist) except the "ultimate creation" and even that perhaps wasn't really creation in his/her eyes.

Let us look at the evolution of music shall we? Evolution period really-- it denotes change and a certain creativity in my opinion. The constant moving forward needs a bit of creativity. Any person who defeats a new virus is creative for no virus is defeated in the same way. By his/her  argument even technology is not creative for it's source metals and elements have always existed so humans creating the first hammer even is completely irrelevant. What this person fails to see is that it is not the actual invention of material that denotes creativity but the way we use it.
Then again how can one truly define something as abstract as creativity? Everyone claims that they are not creative; yet, I see people doing things I personally would never think of simply because that is not the way I think. ( Wow, he just said that in the video a little bit after I typed that--I'm rewatching it now. How ironic.) In my eyes that is creative but to them it is perfectly normal to use physics to create a better withstanding bridge or write a new story or compose music or find a cure. I look at these people in awe, I could never in my wildest dreams imagine myself doing this but I still believe I am creative in my own way. Everyone is unique, this is true, how can it not be? True, we may share some things with some people and others with others but no one has a complete compilation of all of our traits in all of history. (I'm pretty sure I've said that before...haven't I?)

Does that make sense? I don't know, I'm rather tired right now but it helps me to ramble like this.

"I have never let my schooling interfere with my education."
-Mark Twain

Oooh and before I forget...I believe it's writingalullaby  's birthday! Happy Birthday!!

I'm horribly with birthdays and the sort, so, um sorry but I hope it's amazing!

Can you feel the memeness?....0.o

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